Content 2013

Another year gone by as a Portland resident is made obvious by certain events. Content is one of those such events. This is one of the best fashion functions of the year, if not the best. Read my interview with Content founder Gretchen Jones, or just peep the pics below for the stylish folks that came out on a rainy Sunday.

My favorite turban maker, Lindsey Reif.

Such a cute couple, digging the camo coat.

Cutie designer Kate Towers.

Babe brigade.

Nice moves rocking the Sizzle Pie hat.

GJ lookin’ fly in bf jeans and her own top & jewelry.

Cute, very NW looking friends.

Curator of the Content Pop-up Shop, Pam of Francis May in Pendleton.

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3 Responses to Content 2013

  1. styletrial says:

    i still cannot believe i didn’t see you or 97% of anyone pictured! portland is supposed to be small! glad you’re looking out for all of us 😉

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