Berlin-Style Ping Pong Party

Yeah, so the title should sum it all up. San Francisco blog The Bold Italic is on a road trip to Seattle and they stopped in sunny Portland for a party at The Cleaners no less. The Bold Italic is known for their Berlin-style ping pong parties so I was happy to finally get to see one in action, and trust me I got in on all the action…

Melissa is the Art Director for The Bold Italic. I love the way she mixes prints, we talked about how that’s really big right now, and in true boundary pushing style she admitted to me she’s been doing it for years.

The most stylish thing in the room, I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

I’ve coined this lovely the Taylor Tomasi-Hill of Portland, if she looks familiar to you here’s why.

Cutest couple winners!

That babe on the right wrote this: Portland Is So Much Better Than San Francisco. So, she’s like, kind of a big deal.

And last but not least, let’s give it up for these two who looked absolutely adorable while serving us some super yummy Rice Paper Scissors spring rolls.

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One Response to Berlin-Style Ping Pong Party

  1. ana says:

    Post the pics from 1st Thursday plz 🙂 see you next Friday Live & direct

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