First Thursday At Wieden + Kennedy

Fact: Justin “Scrappers” Morrison is my friend but also my co-worker, being the Art Director at The Portland Mercury. He had an art show with a bunch of other folks who’s names I unfortunately don’t know. I went. It was called “It Comes In Waves”. It was at Wieden + Kennedy. It featured about 15 other artists. You can read more about it here.

While this event was less “fashiony” then the YO event I went to (shown in previous post) this is a “street-style” blog for/in Portland. I don’t think I’d be doing my “job” if I only showed you pictures of my friends all the time, and like I said in the last post, it’s very cool to see how things can differ from one event to the next just blocks away from each other.

You know I love me some white jeans folks!

I also love stripes and florals paired together!

Editors note: I’m so sorry for all the closed eye pics, previewing this post just now, I realized no one had their eyes open. My apologies to both the folks I shot and the folks looking. Better luck next time.

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