Star Bar Again…

What to say about these pics…hmmm…there were babes galore at Star on Friday and they were all dressed well…and people got outta control…I think that about sums it up.

Shit was gettin’ wild…

And then shit got real wild!

People were doing backflips.

AND splits!

And metal dudes were posing for pics…Tim has the best hair in Portland.

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5 Responses to Star Bar Again…

  1. Dekum says:

    Sweet jesus there are some hot chicks. I need to live your life, and drink more.

  2. Holly Hoover says:

    That’s talent – skirt + splits!

  3. Schnell says:

    cute pics! what’s star bar? is the maximum age allowed 23?

  4. Cora says:

    Pretty girls in hot shoes, it’s a win/win 😉

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