My Fashion BFF’s

I have a lot of friends here but no one quite as impressively dressed as the YO VINTAGE! girls. I love them all and even though Sarah, owner of YO, never lets me take her picture I’ll forgive her this time, cause she gave up her cousin to be photographed by me (blondie on left), along with YO model Sydney (middle) and I’m sure you remember hottie/star of my blog Kayla (on right, drrr) from, well…all over my blog!

Kayla has my new obsession on – a minty green Reif Turban. You can buy one at the YO VINTAGE! store on 413 SW 13TH Ave.

Alesia, looking awesome and casz (denim vests rule!) and her friend in the leopard shorts were totes working it.

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5 Responses to My Fashion BFF’s

  1. I love the brown shoes weared by the model of Yo vintage! Where can I find the same one?

  2. Schnell says:

    YO always sooooooo cute! XO

  3. Thanks for the turban love! xo

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