The Importance of Being Schnell

GOD, I love this girl, she makes me laugh soooo hard whenever I see her. She’s seriously pretty and seriously has the most self deprecating sense of humor I may have ever encountered. In short – obsessed.

She can’t really stop making fun of herself long enough for me to get a shot.

Love, love, LOVE the Bermudas, if Marianne is rocking these then everyone will be soon. Oh, and my stylish friend Jason got his photo-bomb on.

She got her haircut and said she got “The Rachel”. I think it’s way better than Aniston’s 90’s do, she’s just being hard on herself.

Hot shoes.

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3 Responses to The Importance of Being Schnell

  1. Eden Dawn says:

    I loved her first!!!

  2. styletrial says:

    i might not make the cut in paris or NYC… but it’s good to know i’m at least portland pretty 😉

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