The Nest

The BF and I went to play ping pong on Saturday at The Nest, it was super nice out and much to my surprise/excitement a new sandwich window has gone in next to The Nest replacing the one time Mac-n’-Cheese window. It is an amazing $6 sammy and on a hot day it sure beats some hot Mac-n’-Cheese, amitrite?! Anyhoo, ladies take it all off when it’s warm here, and here’s what I spotted Saturday.

Matchy matchy in a good way.

Sheer is in!

R.I.P. Vidal Sassoon without you this haircut would not exist.

She told me these platforms were from American Eagle (steal).

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3 Responses to The Nest

  1. Dekum says:

    Wow! Beautiful girls. Sexy sheer and I love that dress! You are correct about her shoes matching. The downside to the sheer, though, is avoiding looking at her chest is practically impossible.

  2. magbig says:

    portland girls totally have it.

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