Darling Buds Of May Pop-Up

This Pop Up Shop of Portland fashion “big whigs”, YO VINTAGE! Summerland, and Clever Nettle respectively, was everything and everyone I would expect at a A+ Portland pop up! Plus it had champagne and cookies, so really I couldn’t have asked for more.

Anna of AK Vintage.

 1/2 of Pattern People and super stylish Mommy.

The other 1/2 of Pattern People and stylish Mommy-to-be.

Sarah of Seaecho.

Marlene in Made On The Moon leggings.

Anja of Clever Nettle, I loved her hot pants.

Just so cute.

Melissa of Solestruck.

Woops, caught her on the phone, she still looks pretty tho.


Maker of Made On The Moon leggings.


Orange lips.

I love this look. Take your basic blacks and dress it up with some maj accessories.

  Brown hat.

Pink purse, yellow nails, and lots o’ turquoise. I couldn’t love this pic anymore.

And these shhhhhhooooooes!!!

Thought I’d throw a lil’ testosterone in.

Why not use some extra Pendleton wool as a scarf?!

Another all black babe with great accessories.

Bright yellow Balenciaga, NTS.

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One Response to Darling Buds Of May Pop-Up

  1. Cassie says:

    rose colored skirt with sheer black pirate shirt. best.outfit.ever. whoever she is, i like every thing about her.

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