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Prost! Babe In Pepsi

This waitress at Prost! reminded me that a cute casual outfit can be taken next level with some killer eye liner and a dark lip.

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How Can Be – Pink Pants

This girl was super adorbs (so tiny) and absolutely killed it singing a J. Dupri slow jam. What I loved: her cropped white eyelet sweater, tight pink bell bottoms, cool leather belt with big ass buckle, and ombre hair. UPDATE: … Continue reading

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Beech Street

We parlor’d it up over the weekend. That bar is sooo amazing, and there just so happened to be a ton of people I knew there that night. T’was fun.  

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Babe In Black

If this girl isn’t a model, she should be. She was walking in front of me as I was heading back to work and to quote Jay Z, “she dress her ass off and her walk is mean”. She looked … Continue reading

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Maya Monday

Maya is the new Kayla! Ok, not really, no one can replace my lil’ monk, but Maya is the new MOD intern at The Mercury and she’s way adorbs. I loved her Chanel belt and leather hot pants.

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Backtalk Bloody Sunday

Katie & Elissa of Backtalk on Alberta decided to have a party at the shop on Easter Sunday. They made bloody’s and had fun easter egg discounts all day long. There was a ton of cute folks that stopped by…check … Continue reading

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Sunny Saturday

Saturday afternoon was so great, the sun was out, The Blazers were playing, so I spent the afternoon at the Club – Club 21 that is.

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