The Ladies Lovely

Barbara Siepp of Isaac Hers so graciously asked me to be a part of her “Style Series” for her blog. Sooooo, the other day I had to make my way down to her shop in the rain and pick out a piece from her collection. Walking in I looked like a drowned rat, but the ladies working for Barbara were on point. You’d never know it was miserable out by the looks of these ladies!

Carlotta, Barbara’s right hand woman told me she found this top at a vintage shop in Colorado if memory serves.

She’s a cutie.

I loved the puffy sleeve.

You guys know this girl – she’s is no stranger to my bloggy blog. In typical Kayla fashion she looked great. Her and other lovely Anna tend to share clothes. She said it’s like having two closets – so this skirt may look familiar to you


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