Monday Diggin’

Turns out Dig A pony on a Monday is like, really fun and stuffs. Not so many B&T’s as compared to the weekends and some tasty mom rock tunes spinning.

Geez this is like a week old now, man, I’ve been slacking on my updates, anywayzzzz, check out what cool kids were in attendance.

One of my fave combos: High Waisted jeans with clogs.

Cute Vintage dress.

Man-O-Man do I love a good denim vest. Funny, I totally spied her on R29 San Francisco Stylist editorial, like two days after I took this shot!

My stylish friends Courtney and Danny.

I liked her braid.

Another great looking bleach blonde.

And how ’bout her McQueen booties.

Varsity Jackets, so hot right now.

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2 Responses to Monday Diggin’

  1. Dekum says:

    Great post! The girl second from the top, in the low-top brown Eastlandish boots, may be the barista I crush on at my local Stumptown.

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