Dig A Pony On A Friday, eeeee

So everybody knows that Dig A Pony is this really cool, hip, new bar on Grand right? Well, I gotta say there was a lot of well dressed people there. But, man, Friday night=lots o’ dummies. Dare I call them bridge and tunnel? Anyhoo, I got some folks I liked and skipped the folks I didn’t.

Liked the maxi and flannel.

Her friends pants had a Proneza feel.

This one reminded me of model Jenny Shimizu who was made famous by her CK1 fragrance ads. I love her masculine, I don’t give a fuck style. When I told her she reminded me of Shimizu she was flattered. Which made me happy, because it was definitely meant as a compliment. I wish I looked this good in a tee-shirt and pool ball button down.

Flawless skin.

Cuffed jeans a beat up shoes.

I could never pull off a shaved head, she on the other hand, was made to rock it.

This one allowed me to take her pic but I couldn’t get her face.

I loved her dress but I really loved her slip sneaking out of it.

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