My Morning At Woodlawn

Sunday morning I had no internets cause my roommies bought an awesome big-ass TV and they got cable and internet packaged together – sorry, I felt the need to explain. Anyhoo, I had a ton of work to do from covering Content which went up (on the www) here and here. So I headed down to my favorite neighborhood coffee shop, Woodlawn Coffee & Pastry. It was good hair day up in Woodlawn so I took some fotos. Check em’ out.

Amazing right?!

My adorable barista.

I liked her bangs.

I know it’s like, what everyone wears in Portland. But it’s done right. Look at how well those jeans fit. The shirt is not too baggy under the vest. I like color scheme, and the Toms were a good choice.

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One Response to My Morning At Woodlawn

  1. Vivian says:

    great blog! found you through solestruck 🙂

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