The Ms. Ms. Getdown

About two months ago, I was lucky enough to meet Sarah Baker when we were both “modeling” for the Ally 33 fashion show. We hit it off right away because neither of us are models and we felt we had a lil’ more to offer than some of the other gals in the show. But I digress. Sarah is part of an amazing blog, Ms. Ms., that is all things Portland. The highlight, in my opinion, is what she calls her “babies”: the fashion shoots that she styles herself. Find her latest one with vintage clothing store The Factory, here.

Sarah (Ms. Ms.) Baker in the flesh. She’s got style for days.

Funny gal and cute lil’ thing Cathrine, who is occasionally 1/3 of Mop.

I like that she didn’t take herself seriously despite being one of the best dressed ladies in the room.

A body-con, cut-out dress? Ummm, I might sell my soul if it meant I could look this good in a dress like that.

I love that she wore it with a beat up pair of Oxfords.

I remember when my best friend Courtney and I would have to call each other the night before school to double check we weren’t going to be wearing outfits that were too similar. Now when I see two friends dressing similar I LOVE IT!
Cutest couple winners!

Another silly face.

Shoot, I forgot about these girls. Sorry white dress girls, these ladies win Cutest Couple.

What beauties!

This was probably the last night until next summer that Hannah will be able to wear those great cut-offs. The rain is a comin’ (read: here).

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2 Responses to The Ms. Ms. Getdown

  1. KG says:

    White Shirt Girls should be re-named “WHITE GIRL WASTED”
    -(anonymous girl in white dress)

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