Last Do-Over Of The Summa

The last Do-Over of the summer was Sunday and it was a sweaty good time. Girls passing out from the heat, DJ Spinna on the ones and twos, lots of dancing, aaaannnddd, my camera died right when I got there – rookie mistake. Big ups to my girl Kelsy who let me borrow her point-and-shoot for a minute. Thanks gurl, you da best!

Courtney! I am in serious need of a pair of leather shorts like the ones she had on. Loved how she styled them with a brown leather belt.

Damn she’s gorgeous. I love when I see her out, she always looks good.

Good nails!

Simple dress but great accessories.
I thought this girl had a great look from top to bottom. I liked her sandals, hair, necklace, even toe color. She obviously really cares, even about the littlest of details.

I’m all about this crop top, denim vest and a patterned trouser look. It’s sooo good to me.

Dude, American flag shorts (on 9/11 – so patriotic) and leopard print sandals. BAD ASS. Kelsy knows how to get dressed. Completing the look with a red lip – priceless!

Painted vans and a fanny pack. Pashon is the best.


I liked how 70’s this girl looked. Those shorts were awesome.

Simple enough, but man if the shoes didn’t make it.

It was the way they were laced that got me.

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