Courtney’s Birthday – Sweet Hereafter

I would have to say Courtney Leeds is my most stylish friend. Even if we’re just going to the river or getting a drink on a weeknight she looks great. Needless to say, I’m always quite impressed with her looks. We went to the Sweet Hereafter for her Birthday on Thursday and while I was there I shot a couple others who were dressed to impress.

Court’s lace crop top was envy worthy. Even the way she pinned her skirt in the back looked styled. Truth is, it was just too big for her.

She’s def got that “just back from the river” glow.

A pair of vintage 90’s clogs to finish the look.

Anyone who knows me well has ever met me, knows I love me some Sizzle Pie. Yohanna (sp?) is a Sizzle employee, so naturally, I see her all the time in her place of business. She always looks great at work, but man, she looks even better when she’s not slingin’ pies.

Here she is with an unnamed man who’s not to shabby a dresser himself. You can never go wrong all black.

Cute couple fo’ sho.

This is a friend of Courtney’s who was just darling.

I loved her big 80’s hair.

A closer look to catch the detail on the dress.

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