Portlandia Filming in Woodlawn Today

This morning I went to grab a coffee after my run only to find Woodlawn Coffee and Pastry with a crazy line out the door. On closer investigation I realized they were filming an episode of Portlandia in my hood. So I went back home coffee and pastry-less and tweeted about my (semi) annoyance. Welp, Mr. Byron Beck got wind of this and asked me to take some pics. So, camera in hand, I walked back down to the coffee shop and shot some photos.

The Needham sisters do the make-up and costuming for the show respectively and both are very easy on the eye. Amanda, the Costume Designer, was in LA due to her winning an Emmy in the category of costumes for a variety/music program. Her sister, Jessica was on set and looking quite stylish.

Here she is (left) with singer of Tu Fawning Corrina Repp (right).

Oh hay gurls, Haaayyy!

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3 Responses to Portlandia Filming in Woodlawn Today

  1. Erik says:

    Beautiful pics! Byron’s blog got me here.

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