Stumptown Stalking Again

Got to work early today only to find the internet not working. So I decided to grab my camera and head to Stumptown. Sure enough, there was this adorable girl there:

Reading, or playing with her iPhone, or something. When I asked if I could take her picture she said, “oh no, my shirt’s wrinkled”. Nonetheless she agreed to be shot.

You can’t tell from the pic but her black maxi was a bit sheer – very cute.

Loved her glasses.

Didn’t ask her where she got her flats but they made for great flair.

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4 Responses to Stumptown Stalking Again

  1. I love this girl’s style!

  2. Jamie Schaub says:

    Great eye! I’ve always admired Katie’s beauty and style! She is a bird of her own.

  3. Brevin says:

    She belongs in Melbourne……the Portland of Australia.

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