The Dress/Undress Planned Parenthood fashion show that took place at The Fez last Wednesday was a super big blast. You can read about what I thought of the show over at Byronbeck.com but if you want to see who I liked in the crowd, look no further…

Awww, my old boss Marjorie, Fashion Editor of The Portland Mercury.

Loved the color of this dress.

Loved this whole look: glasses, hair, dress – both color and shape. Tattoos, tan, accessories and attitude.

The beautiful and talented Katie Freedle of RillRill Jewelry.

Hot model #1 for YO VINTAGE!

Hot model #2 for YO VINTAGE!

Hot model #3 for YO VINTAGE!

Love, love, loved this dress!

And the shoes worked perfect with it!

Models off duty.

OMG!!! Too much good stuff to talk about. Sheer shirt and colored bra on her. Classic prep on him. The way their yellows, blues, and greens all looked together…priceless.

Cutest Couple winners by far and away!
Liked her pairing of prints: Stripes and floral.

Two things that I’ve been looking for. 1) Pink pants 2) White button down. Me = jealous.

Yet another (hot) model.

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