Anarchy Beach (Swan Island)

On Sunday the 69/420 boyz otherwise known as The Mean Jeans put together a punk rock BYOBG (beer and generator) show. The bill was The Therapists, The Suicide Notes (cutest band ever), Youthbitch (who just opened for Jon Spencer) and The Jeans. Portland saw another 90 degree day, and it was absolutely beautiful out on Swan Island. I got so many good pictures of cute, young punk rock boys, and girls but my camera is fucked up so only a couple turned out – totes maj bummer. Anyhoo, it was an awesome day. Perfect weather, good friends, cool tunes and Jaggey bombs. Who could ask for anything more?

Anarchy beach baby.

Pretty right?

Remember Hanna from waaay back when?

Camera got weird – still cute tho.

Andrew Basketcase of The Mean Jeans. Best shorts ever. California knows how to party.

Best shirt ever, duh.

Liked the belt/skirt combo. You can win me over with denim anything, really.

Good cut-offs.

Cutest Couple Winners!

This image is now on a skirt.

3 words: Purple, Suede, Shorts.

More California love.

Cute, lil’ guy – he was in Youthbitch.

Last but not least, my favorite look of the day. So many pictures didn’t turn out but I’m happy I at least have this one. Just a perfect summer look. Cut-offs, oxfords (no socks), cool 80’s belt and well fitting tank. Throw in a great bag and stylish necklace for good measure, I’m sold.

Babe alert. Who says Portland is the ugly San Francisco?!?

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