Shme Shmo-Shmover #4 – 2011

Ummmm, so remember when I said that I was missing shots from the Do-Over on Sunday?  Welp, I uploaded some new pics today and…lo-and-behold – all these maj hot babes from Sunday’s Do-Over showed up! Wahoo…Now peep:

Love the lace, cute Sailor shorts, and way to accessorize your injury!

My absolute fav 80%20 platforms! (from about two seasons ago)

My home-girl Marianne always looks good because she’s pretty AND skinny.

BABELove vintage Mickey Mouse gear.

Chillin’ behind da DJ booth.

Is there anything better than a simple white button down in the summer? Perfectly disheveled, buttoned just enough to not look slutty, with just a peak of the black bra showing through. Mmmhhh, perf!

Tight Pirates hat gurl. (stealing it)

Maj babez, hot legs, sweet smiles, in micro minis.

Umm, yea, cutest couple winners, fo sho!

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