Stay Fli

So I saw this FLY guy today when I was walking to grab a Thai iced coffee (I’m totally addicted, and yes I know how bad they are for me, fuck!). I digress…anyway, I asked if I could take a shot of him for my blog, and he said yes. Then I asked if he was from Portland, and he said born and raised (which is always rare). Then when I was taking his picture I told him the name of my blog is Portland’s Pretty and he said, “Well I hope you’re on there then!” Wait a sec, did I just get hit on??? PS: Sure are rockin’ a lot of Chi gear for a Rip City native, dontcha think?

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2 Responses to Stay Fli

  1. Pigeon Heart says:

    Of course he was hitting on you! You are adorable. I saw you at the Do-Over and it is affirmative. We met in passing, you snapped a shot of me and told me about your blog. <>
    Im def going to keep my eye out for your new postings. Keep spreading the love, it is incredibly inspiring*

  2. OMG, you’re so cute. Please make sure and say hi next time we cross paths.

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