Best Dressed Doorman In Town?

Personal style is so, well, personal. But no one can argue the key to looking good is size, fit, proportion. That being said, no matter what you wear, or what style you have if you follow those rules, you’re golden!

Tight Nikes, hip hat, and well kempt stache certainly don’t hurt matters.

Mississippi Studios’ door man kinda rulez at aforementioned rules, amirite?

Crüe jacket, the coup de grâce!!!!!

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2 Responses to Best Dressed Doorman In Town?

  1. nancy campbell says:

    Marcus, You. Are. Awesome. ❤

  2. Amanda Lohsen says:

    I love this!! So amazingly different from high school!!! I wouldn’t even recognize you if I wasn’t friends with you on FB!! Looking good my friend 🙂

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