Skidmore Bluffs

Oh man…I have had a great day! Started my day with two Heavenly Donuts (not convinced they’re better than Voodoo), went to the SW carts and hung with my roommate – all before noon!!! Not much later I was on a bike ride with my good friend Andrew. We had a late lunch with margaritas at Por Que No then rode up to the Skidmore bluffs. There we met Andrew’s friend Hannah and boy was she cute – great shoes, blouse, and glasses. The photo evidence:

After that I met back up with my roommate at Vendetta for some house wine on the patio and a Battleship challenge. I needed this sooooo bad. No sun in Portland makes one cranky as fuck…this sunshine, as little as it was, was just what the doctor ordered…I needed some Vitamin D in my BODAY!!! (read: body)


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