Valentimes with NKOR

I may be biased as they are my good friends and basically the first folks I met when I moved to Portland five months ago, BUT, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that No Kind Of Rider is one of the best bands in Portland.  And I’m really not getting too far out on that limb, because my true bias is in favor of awesome music. Decide for yourself here. Anyhoo, they had a Valentines show at The Doug Fir last night that they KILLED.  And while the guys are stylish, no doubt, I’m here to show you the equally stylish sweethearts that were in attendance.

Good tee, scarf, oxfords and jeans.

Best casual look of the night - the scarf pulls it all together.

HOT. Leather pants, vintage top and great hair.

Cutest Couple!

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