Bye And Bye Babe

When Rhys walked into the Bye and Bye I had to ask her for a picture because she is by far one of the most stylish people I’ve seen around town. I loved her lip color and the way she layered. I’m super lazy when it comes to accessories, but Rhys has got me re-thinking my laziness. I might have to get in the accessories game!

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2 Responses to Bye And Bye Babe

  1. Jason says:

    I’m just now getting through the archives. I notice this woman has an Indiana t-shirt on, and it appears you know her. Do you know if she has an Indiana connection? I have made it my duty to document all Hoosier stuff in Oregon.

    • I didn’t know her personally. I chatted with her for a minute and remember her being a Portland native home for Christmas break. So, not a Hoosier, sorry. But my co-worker is from Valparaiso/Chesterton.

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