Portlandia Premiere

Last night was a pretty big deal in Portland as far as parties go. Portlandia, a TV show that will air on IFC, premiered at The Hollywood Theater followed by an after party at @Large Films. It was more fun than I thought it would be, free food and booze and despite running out of hummus – I’m sure someone got fired for that, fucking catastrophe, right!? – the party was a total success. The best part being when at 12:30 am about 15 pizzas showed up for drunken consumption!  Here is an interview from Portland Mercury’s Sarah Mirk that is pretty damn entertaining and here is my Q & A with the cast I did way back in September when they were still filming the show.

Carrie Browstein all gussied up.Zia of The Dandy Warhols wearing what she called her Sandy from Grease pants. Cool belt right? And I’m digging her hair color.And here’s my favorite person of the night, perhaps she’ll look familiar if you’ve watched the Dream of the 90s video? If I’ve said it once I said it a 1,000 times, people don’t wear enough pirate hats!

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