Jen Has Cute Shoes

I ask: Hey you guys wanna know what I did last night?.

Anyone in their right mind answers: HELL YEAH MARISSA!!

Well alright then, I’ll tell you, calm down already, geez.

My friend Allen from !!! (Chk Chk Chk) was on the proverbial one’s and two’s at the Record Room and it was hella fun y’all. Whilst shaking my ass on the dance floor (read: drinking beer by myself)  I turned my head ever so slightly to catch a glimpse of a very, very cute pair of booties on a lovely lady named Jen. After further investigation she told me that her friend, Melissa Cartwright, had designed them for Flufvog Shoes and they were not yet available to the masses.

Pretty rad right? It’s a bummer we can’t get them yet, but if you’re really into them keep checking the website, they’re bound to show up eventually!

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